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Why we are Best Homeopathic Clinic?


Homeopathic treatment

consultation by best homeopathic doctors for skin disorders, female disorders, respiratory disorders, children diseases, mental


Personalized Medicine

We provide personalized homeopathic medicine to every patient based on their problems and past history


Nutrition & Exercise

We provide free dietary, exercise and yoga advice for best results & complete treatment

Scientific and root cause approach

Our aim is to cure your problem permanently and to do that we take a very scientific
and do in-depth analysis to find out the root cause of the your condition.


Step 1: Detailed Case Taking

You will have a detailed online consultation with our expert Doctor. The doctor will do an in-depth analysis of your overall health to completely understand the root cause of your illness


Step 2: Diagnosis & Lab Test

Our doctors will do a deep homeopathic repertory anaylsis and If needed, the doctor will suggest lab tests. Once the results arrive, the doctor will assess the reports, reach to the root cause, and chart out a detailed treatment plan for you.


Step 3: Personalized Medicine

Once root cause is diagnosed our doctor will prepare personalized medicine for best treatment of your condition permanently. Our focus is to treat all your conditions and give you complete treatment.


Step 4: Counseling Session

Our doctors will explain you our root cause analysis of your condition and provide you necessay counseling for best results


Step 5: Exercise & Diet

Our doctors will also give your exercise and diet plan if required to treat your condition


Step 6: Weekly Followup

Our doctors will followup with you on weekly basis to track the progress and to make necessary changes in the medicines or treatment

Real experience of our patients with us

We are a passionate digital healthcare company that specializes in homeopathic and mental health
use root cause approach & Scientific testing

My child's immunity has improved a lot with the homeopathic medicine.no side effects with long lasting effects...I recommend you to visit the clinic and take consultation from Dr Jyoti...

Shreejit Venugopal Father2 kids

Dr. Jyoti is a real professional & above all very humble human being . The way she treats her patients is amazing & I can hardly recall any doctor that I have met till time. Needless to say about the quality of treatment is unmatchable with the personal attention given by her.

Richa Aggarwal FemaleMedia Agency

Please be the same and may you continue to do the good work with selflessness , love and care towards all your patients always being available with least ask of any fees or money in return My family thanks you from their heart for taking care of me and you will continue to be my health guardian for life :).

Mehak Mehta FounderCuraborate

The doctor is detail oriented and interested to identify the root cause of the problem. She is able to understand the issue very well and explains the treatment in detail.

Saumya Gupta ManagerUS Consultancy

I have been visiting Dr Jyoti since 3 years and i have seen alot of improvement in my after after getting her medications. Ny pcos was so bad that i did allopath for 6 years but was not treated well instead when i switched to Dr Jyoti her treatment really healed ny pcos and i was able to successfully conceive naturally. I am also an IBS patient and do have bloating issues but he medications helped me solve all my problems.

Mahwish Siddique House WifeDelhi

Dr Jyoti is incredible. She was also kind and friendly. As well as the results after taking medication is beyond expectations. I had acne and marks issue with one week medicine I got such a great result and maximum issue get dissolve within 1 week.

Priya Sirohi Team LeadAccenture

Update your knowledge about homeopathy

Knowledge of different health conditions,verified information by our doctors

Best Homeopathy Doctors

Tamaria team of doctors are highly experienced, they have gained their experience in diagnosing different diseases.

team member

Hi There !

I graduated from Asia no. 1 college Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and chose counseling psychology as her stream for masters. She take her work as meditation. In order to give the patient true sense of cure she love to be with patients for ample time so that she can be in their shoes to understand their true state, which helps her to cure the patient.

Dr Jyoti Singh
founder & ceo
team member

Hello World

Completed my MBBS and MD in ops-gyne from safadarjung hospital.

DR. Anuradha
Head of Ops & Gyne
team member


I got 15+ years of experience working as Physiotherapist.

DR. Savita
Head Physiotherapy

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