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Pattern hair loss

What is Pattern hair loss?

The term hair loss refer  when the hair is losing from the scalp , resulting thinning of hair , patchyness , or baldness.The medical term for hair loss is alopecia , permanent loss of hair is called baldness. In india more than 50% of men of age 50 will be affected by male pattern baldness

Type of hair loss

There are two types of pattern of hair lossing 

  • Male pattern baldness - in male pattern baldness the losing of hair start typically from the top and front of the head and form M pattern in forehead ,it is also called androgenic alopecia because it is triggerde by make sex hormne and gentic cause .
  • Female  pattern baldness - in female hair loss there is no specific pattern but usually hair getting thin , hairline is receding

Three types of female pattern baldness -

  1. Type 1 when the amount of hair thinning is small in your scalp 
  2. Type 2 there is widening of the scalp and the amount of thining is increased around it 
  3. Type 3 the thinning start throughout the scalp and visibility of scalp in between the hair .

Risk factors

  • Age -male pattern baldness mainly affect the adult man but may also occur in teenage .
  • Stress full events distress -any emotional shock which cause impact on our health it lead to hair fall,hair fall occurs after physical and mental stress.
  • Genetic - if there is a history of baldness in family those persons are more prone for the hair loss  
  • Some Disease - like anemia or a thyroid problem also lead a major cause of hair loss .
  • Radiation or chemotherapy treatments taken for any purpose  
  • Some medications such as ,medicine used for blood thinners in case of embolism , steroids , when any person take high doses of vitaminA , steroids, medicine for cancer arthritis depression high blood pressure heart problems  .
  • Any infection of the scalp -due to infection of the scalp it weakens the roots of hair some conditions such as scalp psoriasis , seborrheic dermatitis , tinea capitis or may be some other condition causes hair fall.
  • Any problems with diet - if any person take diet which is low in iron and contain a high level of vitamin A it also lead to hair fall .
  • Immune system- when the immune system become due to fever , flu or any other conditions also increase the risk of hair fall.
  • Significant weight loss 

Female pattern baldness -

Majority of risk factors of male and female baldness is same ,Some specific cause which is related to only female cause of hair loss such as

  • PCOS  -as the PCOS is hormonal disease is it also play an important role in hair fall.
  • Grooming -making tight ponytails , braids or cornrows in which hair face tightly bandage it hurt the hair lining so as result it weakens the hair.                                                   
  • Menopause - women who is at the age of menopause also prone to hair loss.


Hair Falls does not contain major complication but it may cause permanent hair loss and scarring of the scalp.

Social stigma -beautiful hair increases the confidence level but if the hair growth is  not good it sometimes lead to depression ,isolation from society , friends .

Symptoms & causes

The only symptoms of hair loss is falling of hair loss but falling of hair follow some pattern that's why hair loss is distributed in two types of male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness 

Male pattern baldness - in classical male pattern baldness hair loss begins to start from above the temples and vertex (calvaria ) of the scalp as the condition increase , the hair fall gradually increases and sometimes it cause hairfall in M pattern in forehead .

In Female there is no specific pattern but gradually the quantity of hair decreased and the thickness of hair become less.


  • Average hair loss per day is about 100 , this loss usually does not cause any noticeable thinning of scalp hair because if the hair is loss , new hair is growing at the same time this is the cycle between damage hair loss and growth of hair if this cycle is disturb it causes noticeable hair thinning .
  • Male pattern baldness also called androgenetic alopecia because andro indicate male sex hormone (dihydrotestosterone ) while genetic indicate genetic heredity.
  • Stress mental or physical stress also lead to hair loss because it weakens the immunity .
  • Other causes of hair loss is lack of nutrition,infections of the scalp it also leads to hair fall.
  • Any infection of the scalp such as tinea capitis , seborrheic dermatitis , fungal infection lead to hair loss 
  • Diet , if the diet is not nutritious it lead to weakness of the immune system

In female the cause of hair loss is sometimes different 

  • After pregnancy the chances of hair fall is increase due to hormonal changes 
  • At the time of menopause 
  • Having PCOD 
  • Thyroid is more common in females so thyroid is also one of the major causes of hair fall in females  

Diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis of hair fall , it requires just a past history , medical history  and the physical examination, 

Blood  examination to rule the anemia or other cause of hair fall.

Some time scalp biopsy also to find any infection of the scalp .

Pull test - physician gently pulls the hair and check the amount pulled hair.


The convention treatment of the hair fall is medicated soaps , shampoos and some time doctors also used supplement to fulfill the need of vitamins such as multivitaminas. 

And the other way of treatment is just find out the underlying cause and treat it well  

In homeopathy hair fall is well treated because it is safe and permanent 

Management of the hair fall

Management of the hair fall is very important because with the medicine and management the result is very good 

  • Don’t let your hair get dry so apply coconut oil or almond oil because dryness of hair are prone to break .
  • Always take healthy diet and nutritious diet ,diet which is rich in protein because protein makes hair strong.
  • Limit the consumption of alcohol and smoking because also weak your immunity.
  • Protect your hair from dust and exposure to sun 
  • Always use herbal products and try to avoid chemicals product as much as possible.   
  • And the main management is to find the cause of hair fall and treat them.

Homoeopathic management

Why homeopathy is the best treatment of the hair falls because homeopathy is the natural way of treatment and it is also harmless ir gives permanent solutions from the hairfalls 

But never take homeopathy medicine without any consultation from registered homeopathic practitioner . some homeopathy medicine are 

Jaborandi ,acid flour ,thuja ,lycopodium ,phosphorus,sulphur

Do’s and don’ts


  • Always be gentle with your hair while your washing , combing the hair 
  • Always try to use herbal shampoos 
  • Use conditioner in week to make smooth here 
  • Always keep hair clean and dry 
  • Protect your hair from direct exposure to sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light.
  • Eat protineous diet 
  • Keep hydrated 
  • Join healthy community


  • Avoid tight hairstyles such as braids buns or ponytails 
  • Avoid rubbing , pulling and twisting of hair
  • Avoid treatment of hair which is full of chemical and also avoid highly chemical based shampoos ..
  • Avoid to do hair dry .
  • Avoid hot rollers curling irons and hot oil treatment.
  • Limit smoking and alcohol
  • Avoid unnecessary medications 


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