About the Tamaria Clinic

The penetration of diagnostic services in India is mainly concentrated around metros and big cities. In rural India, the access to healthcare is restricted to primary health centers catering just the basic healthcare services. Typical health problems in rural India are related to nutritional deficiencies, lack of maternal and perinatal condition support, common occurrence of communicable diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, tuberculosis, and respiratory diseases. Shortage of hygiene infrastructure, lack of awareness, limited access to facilities, lack of trained medical personnel, dearth of medicines and good doctors are the key challenges faced by more than 70 percent of India’s population living in rural areas today.

Dr Tamaria was born in a very rural village of Rajasthan. He decided to decided to become a doctor after seeing poor condition of medical system in his village. He went on to become MS of AIIMS to understand and implement the best possible health solution in India. After working in Medical fraternity he kept thinking about how to give back to his village. This idea created a vision in him to develop “low fidelity, high frequency” solutions for diagnostics in rural India. The solutions will focus on cheap, low fidelity hardware that can capture recurring diagnostic data at a high frequency, and use machine learning and algorithmic data manipulation to accurately diagnose and predict conditions. At Tamaria Clinic we are developing “ Low cost Intelligent ,Reliable, Connected” devices that would resolve the problem of Non-Accessibility of affordable healthcare to this segment of population. “Intelligence” in the device should enable easy training to the “Low skilled” resources in the rural areas while “ Connectivity” should help them to access the experts in Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities .

Who We Are

Tamaria Clinic is brainchild of three daughter's of Dr K C Tamaria (AIIMS MS BHOPAL). Dr Savita, Dr Anuradha & Dr Jyoti came together to give a holistic treatment to patients. Tamaria Clinic opened with a idea that Once a patient is registered with the clinic, Dr. Tamaria becomes their family physician and whatever be the medical problem- however small or serious – will be taken care of by Tamaria Clinic team of doctors

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

dr anuradha

Dr. Jyoti Singh

I graduated from Asia's no. 1 college Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and chose counseling psychology as my stream for masters.I take my work as meditation. In order to give the patient true sense of cure i love to be with patients for ample time so that i can be in their shoes to understand their true state, which helps me to cure the patient.

dr anuradha

Dr. Anuradha Tamaria

I have done my MBBS (2008) followed by MS Obstetrics and Gynecology from Vardhman Mahaveer medical college & Safdarjung Hospital in 2011. I did 3 yr senior residency at Safdarjung hospital, completed in 2015 then worked as attending consultant at Max Smart Superspeciality Hospital for 15 months.

dr anuradha

Dr. Savita Tamaria

Dr. Savita Tamaria is a graduate from IRMAS, New Delhi and has done her Masters in Musculoskeletal from ISIC Institute of Rehab Science, New Delhi. She has undergone special training in Spinal unit of Niguarda Hospital and in field of Hydrotherapy at San Raffale Hospital,Milan, Italy, where she received training of various environmental adaptation required by spinal cord patients. She has over 9½ years of professional experience. She has attended & organized several workshops, seminars and conferences to upgrade her skill & enhance her knowledge. She is the coordinator of MPT Program in the institute & in-charge of the OPD. She has got many articles published to her credit.