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There are various diseases which a female has to go through starting from puberty till menopause and even afetr that. Starting from puberty; a female may suffer from various menstrual disorders like absence of menses, excessive bleeding, painful periods, delayed periods, frequent menses appearing every fortnight. PCOD is also a lifestyle disorder which has been effecting every other girl now a days. More over a female may suffer from other disorders like pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis. At any age a female can get vaginal infections which are irritating many times as having irritation, itching, burning in vagina is not a pleasant thing along with the dischrge through the vagina. Menopause ia also a phase in woman's life which may be troublesome for her to get through. 

Apart from all these issues a female may also suffer from painful sexual intercourse which leaves her with disturbed sexual life. Along with growing age a female may develope fibroid also which can cause massive blood loss every month. Infertility can also be seen in many women during reproductive life.

Conventional treatment available for these issues doesn't give longlasting permanent relief to the female. Thus homeopathy can help in take care of the female health. Homeopathy is considered as best way to treat female diseases.

Tamaria Clinic is a homeopathic clinic in saket, south delhi which provides with best homeopathic treatment for various female disorders described below.


Dysmenorrhoea or painful menses is one of the most common gynecological symptoms and is affecting many women in their reproductive age and disable a woman to perform the daily chores. Excessive production of prostaglandins is one of the major causes of most signs and symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Conventional treatment of painful periods is NSAIDS and oral contraceptive pills which have side effects of their own and don't solve the issue permanently and just relieve the pain timebeing. Homeopathic treatment is rather a better option to treat the condition permanently as the medicine would help getting pail relieved along with treating the underlying cause for the painful menses. Thus homeopathic medicine would reduce the severity of pain and would treat the underlying cause. Tamaria Homeopathic Clinic in Saket, provides best homeopathic treatment for painful periods.

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PCOD/PCOS is a combination of symptoms produced by imbalance in the hormones (fall in female hormones and hike in male hormones) in the female. The imbalance of hormone causes irregularity in periods and sometimes even amenorrhoea (absence of menses). Further there is no release of egg (due to increase in levels of male hormone/ androgens) and cysts are formed on the periphery of the ovaries. Due to high male hormones there in thinning of hair of scalp and hairiness on other body parts. Patient usually presents with the issue with her menses/ periods or inability to conceive as the menstrual cycles are irregular and anovulatory which means there is no egg released by the ovaries for fertilization causing infertility. Conventional treatment has no cure for it as oral contraceptive pills are given to regularize the periods and ovulation induction by hormones for infertility but nothing cures PCOS but only homeopathy. Homeopathy is the best way to treat PCOS. Homeopathic medicines would treat the hormonal imbalance, would help in ovulation, would dissolve the cysts and would help in conception. Tamaria homeopathic clinic in south delhi, is best homeopathic clinic for treatment of PCOS.

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Normal vaginal discharge also known as leucorrhoea is thin, small in quantity, white/ transparent/ translucent, odorless (or occasional slight odor) discharge which is nothing but secretions  of the genital organs of a female which keeps the vaginal area clean, moist and fights infection. Normal vaginal discharge may vary through the menstrual cycle of the female but any change in color (greenish, grayish, pus like, yellowish), odor (unpleasant), texture, with itching, redness, burning of vagina, blood tinged discharge is not normal vaginal discharge and on appearance should be treated.

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