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Fibroadenoma is a benign, non-cancerous lump that develops in the breast. It is usually painless and feels like a firm, smooth or rubbery lump and moves around beneath the skin.

Types of fibroadenoma

  • Simple fibroadenoma-this type of fibroadenoma is less likely to develop into breast cancer. When it is looked under the microscope it looks the same all over, it is usually found in young women of reproductive age.
  • Complex fibroadenoma- as the name suggests complex means it is made up of various components such as macrocysts, and fluid-filled sacs that are very big and can easily see under the microscope, this type also contains calcifications or calcium deposits. These types of fibroadenoma are prone to developing into breast cancer but it is also less common.
  • Juvenile fibroadenoma-it is a most common condition and this type of fibroadenoma is found in teenage girls between the ages of 10 to 18. It is the most common type of adenoma and it may disappear or shrink.
  • Giant- it is called giant because of its size it may develop up to or more than 5 cm


  • AGE- fibroadenoma is more common in females under 35 years, mainly females of reproductive age. The risk gradually decreases after 45 years of age towards menopause.
  • Taking hormonal replacement therapy
  • Family history -if there is any family history of fibroadenoma, those women are more prone to develop it. 
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding chances of developing increases 
  • Stress can also increase the risk of fibroadenoma.
  • Rarely developed in males 
  • Women of African -American race are more prone to fibroadenoma 
  • Women having a history of many childbirth
  • Women who are taking oral contraceptive pills are more prone to develop fibroadenoma.


  • Breast cancer-the major complication of fibroadenoma is breast cancer but only complex form of fibroadenoma will prone for developing into breast cancer 
  • If the size of the lump is bigger it may press the other organ of the breast
  • Recurrence -after removing of the lump through surgery it is more chances to develop in future
  • It may cause cosmetic problems due to disfigure of breast.lump may cause difference in both breast size. 
  • Depression -in some female fibroadenoma become cause of depression due to problem in look of female it may lead to isolation from the society 



  • Majority of the lumps don't show any symptoms but sometimes fibroadenoma may feel tender during or bigger at the time of breastfeeding ,taking hormonal medication ,during pregnancy, before menses .
  • texture of lump is firm or rubbery 
  • Lumps is movable when touched
  • May appear on one or both of the breast
  • Having smooth borders and solitary round 
  • Painless lump may felt
  • May be more than one in number ,and may include one or may be both breast.


  • Breast is a made up of lobules ,it is a type of gland which cause production of milk ,and ducts ,it is a duct which carry the milk to the nipples .all these part is covered by glandular ,fibrous ,fatty tissues . fibroadenoma is formed from lobules , in this condition the glandular tissue and ducts start growing over the lobules and form a solid lump .
  • The exact cause of the fibroadenoma is not known but it is associated with the reproductive hormone ,possibly occur because of increased sensitivity to the hormone oestrogen .and the lump shrinks as the age increasing because at olde age the hormonal level decreases .
  • But there are some factors which triggered the condition such as pregnancy ,breastfeeding,before menses ,taking oral contraceptives ,at this time the size of fibroadenoma may increase .



  • Diagnosis of fibroadenoma is made by physical examination of the breast in this examination both breasts is palpated by hand to find out the lump in the breast .
  • Family history of fibroadenoma also asked by the physician.
  • Breast ultrasound -in this technique sound waves is used to take a picture of the inside of the breast  
  • mammogram (x ray of the breast ) may be required to read the image of breast tissues .
  • Biopsy of the lump may be required to rule out the type and cancerous condition.


  • In some cases doctors advise to wait after confirming  it is not cancerous ,because as the age increases the reproductive hormone level is decreased and the size of the lump become shrink .
  • If the size of the lump is more then lump is removed by surgery called lumpectomy ,it is short surgery to remove the lump.
  • Cryoablation -in this technique a gas is used to freeze the nearby tissue , which destroys the fibroadenoma without surgery .
  • Homoeopathy is the way of treatment by which surgery can be prevented ,it is safe , natural and permanent 


  • There is a slight chance to develop breast cancer from fibroadenoma so it is important to go for regular checkup of the breast 
  • Council or educate the patient about the condition it is not dangerous but it is important to rule the cancer .
  • Sometimes this condition is managed by wait and watch ,in many cases the size is decreased with increasing age 
  • Stop taking oral contraceptive drugs 
  • Avoid stress because it week the immunity 
  • Don't try to press it or harm 
  • Female can do self examination of the breast regularly to notice any changes in the breast 
  • Increases taking of fruits and vegetable in diet
  • Do exercise daily 
  • Avoid alcohol; and smoking
  • Do meditation to overcome from this problem  


There are various medicines in homoeopathy which can cure the fibroadenoma. Homoeopathic medicine can remove the cause and  help in dissolving the lump internally and also reduce the chances of recurrence,only constitutional medicine can help you , but never take homeopathic medicine without proper consultation from registered medical practitioner  

such as 

Phytolacca,conium,silicea,carbo -animalis,sulphur ,calcarea flour ,graphites,pulsatilla,scrophularia nodosa



  • Do exerciser daily 
  • Take healthy diet 
  • Take green vegetables and fruits
  • Do your breast examination regularly
  • Do meditation 
  • Keep hydrated
  • No need to panic 
  • Take medicine on time


  • Avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Avoid stress
  • Avoid to press the lump
  • Avoid taking oral contraceptive pills 

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