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What is varicocele ?

Varicocele is the enlargement of the veins ,which is present in the scrotum ,the scrotum is loose skin which looks like sac it contain arteries and veins which supply blood to the reproductive system of the male 

This condition is very similar to varicose veins but there is little difference varicocele occur in scrotum ,it affect the vein known as pampiniform plexus and varicose veins occur in lower extremities

Risk factors 

  • There are various lifestyle activites which promote the unhealty testicle such as smoking ,alcohol ,taking excessive alcohol and coffee ,overweight or obese ,
  • Sometimes Varicocele may occur due to improper underwear 
  • It mainly affects the left side , because the flow of blood in the left side is more than the right side ,but it is not necessary that varicocele only occur in left side sometime it may occur in both side 
  • Most affected age are in between 15 to 25 years .
  • If it occurs at the age of or above 40 it may be occur due to blockage in larger veins of the abdominal area due to kidney tumor


  • The main complication of the varicocele is infertility , 35 to 44% of  primary fertility in men occur due to varicocele. 45 to 81 % with infertility varicocele is the cause of infertility .
  • Shrinkage of testicle - atrophy of the testicle occur due to malfunctioning of the valves 
  • Social stigma - sometimes it may lead to depression or other mental problems due to infertility or disturbance in male reproductive organ .

   Grades of varicocele

  • Grade 1 - in this stage varicocele is not visible or palpable but doctor may diagnosed  y valsalva maneuver.
  • Grade 2 -in this stage swelling may felt without valsalva maneuver.
  • Grade 3 -this is advance stage and swelling is easily visible and palpable 

Symptoms and causes


Usually varicocele produce less symptoms 

  • Sometimes slight or dull pain may be felt in the area of the groin and scrotum
  •  In this condition the veins in the scrotum become enlarged so become palpable and also looks like a bag of worms 
  • May be formation of lump in the testicles or scrotum 
  • One testis is larger than the other - 
  • Feeling of uncomfortable or dragging in scrotum area this may due to pooling of blood in scrotum
  • Pain become worse when affected person stand for long time and become better when lying down 
  • Pain may worse on hot weather, due to heavy exercise 
  • In varicocele the fertility of male is affected gradually it decreases the sperm count and motality ,because the main function of the pampiniform plexus is to cool the arterial blood before it reaches the sperm ,but in varicocel the cooling system is disturb ,and prevent the testicle from good quality of sperm


  • The exact cause of the varicocele is unknown but it believe it may be occur due to impaired in blood circulation in the scrotum.
  • Normally spermatic cord is present in male reproductive part ,spermatic cord contain arteries ,veins ,nerves , and tubes .
  • The main function of the spermatic cord to provide connection and circulate the blood to and from the testicles .
  • veins which is present in spermatic cord carry the blood flowing from the body back towards the heart , and spermatic cord also contains a bunch of valves in the veins , valves maintain the flow of blood in one direction and maintain from back flow of the blood .
  • In case of varicocele these valves become fail , as a result some flow of the blood goes back ,these backed up blood collected in pools in veins ,this collection of blood cause stretching of the veins , or swollen of the veins in the scrotum that’s why affected scrotum look bigger then the normal scrotum 

Diagnosis and treatment

  • Diagnosis of the varicocele is made by physical examination of the scrotum ,scrotum looks like a bag of worms ,which is nontender 
  • Valsalva maneuver -in this examination doctor ask the patient to take a deep breath and hold it , and bear down , at this time the doctor feel the scrotum and try to find out enlarged veins 
  • If the varicocele is not diagnosed by physical examination then abnormal flow of blood is detected by venogram - an X-ray in which a special type of dye is injected into the veins to highlight blood vessels abnormalities 
  • Sometimes ultrasound of the scrotum also advised to see the status of the internal structure of the scrotum


  • The treatment of the varicocel is depends on the symptoms if and affected male trying for child or not .
  • usually the one who doesn’t have any symptoms and family is completed they don't need any treatment but if the varicocele is symptomatic then pain killer is advised,but it is not safe and permanent 
  • Surgical treatment -surgical treatment for varicocele are open surgery and laparoscopic surgery ,Percutaneous embolization.
  • But all these treatments are not safe and effective 
  • Homoeopathic medicine can reduce the chance of surgery


  • Should Wearing an athletic supporter during exercise or prolonged sitting 
  • Avoid those activities which cause discomfort or increase the pain in the scrotum
  • Applying of ice packs in the scrotum , because it prevent from hyperthermia of testes ,and also improve the testicular function ,because low temperature is required to work properly 
  • Take healthy diet 
  • Reduce stress because stress also cause effect on sperm mortality rate 
  • Educate the patient avoid varicocele , it is treatable
  • Avoid alcohol and drinking because it can also decrease the sperm mortality rate 

Homoeopathic management

There are various homeopathic medicine which helps in varicocele ,it stimulate the disease fighting mechanisms of the body ,through homeopathic medicine not only pain is controlled but also reduce the varicosity, reduce the swelling thus decrease the temperature and help in maintaining the normal temperature which is required for good count of sperm.

But never take homeopathic medicine without proper consultation from registers homoeopathic prescription .

Some homeopathic medicine are pulsatilla ,rhus tox,nux vomica,hamamelis ,lyco ,ruta ,ayrum -met ,calcarea carb.

  Do’s and don’ts


  • Take healthy diet 
  • Join supportive company 
  • No need to panic because it treatable 
  • Keep hydrated
  • Wear athletic undergarments 
  • Apply cold application


  • Avoid heavy weight lifting
  • Avoid stress 
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol. 
  • Don’t apply ice directly 
  • Avoid to stay in hot temperature

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