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What is scalp psoriasis?

When the symptoms of  psoriasis found on scalp , it is called scalp psoriasis.symptoms may affect the whole scalp or only small patches , it may spread to the ears , hairline ,and the neck .

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder,it is a very common skin condition and this condition is characterised by raised ,red and scaly patches and also formation of plagues in the skin .

Psoriasis can spread to any part of the body but it mainly found on 

  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Back
  • Scalp
  • Abdomen 

 Scalp psoriasis is common in those people who suffering from chronic plaque psoriasis ,scalp psoriasis  affet 50% of chronic plaque psoriasis.

Risk factors

There are some factors which make prone for developing scapl psoriasis 

  • Genetic -if having history of psoriasis in family those people are more prone for developing scalp psoriasis.
  • Some nutritional -some nutritionist says who are obese  with infamamatory factors are likely prone , and person who are senstive for gluten diet .
  • Injury -any injury to scalp such as burn, any cut ,or bruise may increase the risk of psoriasis
  • Stress - it may also play a role in occuring of psoriasis because it affects the immune system
  • Weak immune system- if any person get infection repeated due to compromised immune system are prone for psoriatic arthritis.
  • Smoking - the risk of psoriasis is increased if you smoke it also worsen the condition of psoriasis .
  • Infection - infection also trigger the psoriasis but mainly throat infection from streptococcus ,HIV people are also prone.
  • Medications - certain medications such as indomethacin , used to treat arthritis , and quinidine , a heart medication.


  • Hair loss - due to heavy scaling and excessive scratching lead to noticeable hair loss .
  • Cancer -persons with psoriasis having 15% chances of developing lung cancer ,12 % of  skin cancer 
  • Cardiovascular diseases -persons with severe psoriasis having chances of stroke and heart attack 
  • Eyes disease -some conditions are more likely to develop in psoriatic persons such as conjunctivitis , uveitis ,and blepharitis.
  • Kidney problems-kidney problems are common in chronic psoriatic  patients 
  • liver problems - persons with psoriasis are more prone for developing nonalcoholic fatty liver 

Symptoms & Causes

  • Mild scalp psoriasis appear as fine scaling but severe scalp psoriasis covered the scalp with thick , crusted plague and also spread in large portion of the scalp 
  • Dryness - due to dryness of the scalp skin become cracks and sometimes may bleed .
  • Formation of silvery white -scales in the scalp 
  • Dandruff like flaking - dandruff of scalp psoriasis look like dandruff but there is difference between scalp psoriasis and dandruff  , scalp psoriasis causes silvery sheen and dry scale on the scalp 
  • Itching, burning  , or discomfort in the scalp.
  • Reddish patches which is raised , noticeable , thick , and inflamed  
  • Bleeding from scratching or removing the plaques
  • Temporary hair loss
  • These symptoms mostly found in the scalp but also may extend to neck ,ears , forehead , other parts of the face .


Researchers says the exact cause is unknown but as it is an autoimmune disorder it means it occurs when something goes wrong with the immune system,it occurs when the immune system sends wrong signal to skin cells for multiply quickly.

Normally the process of formation of new cells in the scalp takes time  about a weeks but in case of scalp psoriasis the cells started to form within the days , but the shedding process of dead cell is normal , as a result it leads to difficulty in shedding of excess cells because the rate of shedding of excess cell is slow from the formation of new cells and finally skin cells build up on the surface of the scalp, they form scaly patches.

There  are some triggering factors which play an important role in occuring of scalp psoriasis these include 

  • Skin injuries such as burns  bruise or any cut 
  • Smoking , weakened the immune system 
  • Infection including Skin infection and strep throat , HIV infection make prone for the scalp psoriasis
  • Some medication such as beta-blockers . antimalarial drugs ,and iodides
  • Mental Stress - it also week the immune system 
  • Cold and dry weather - it cause skin dry and worsen the condition
  •  Sleep - lack of sleep also week immunity.
  • Lack of vitamin D
  • Addiction of alcohol 

Diagnosis and treatment

  • Diagnosis is made by physical examination and medical history- in physical examination when doctors examine the scalp , findings are scaly , red -bumpy patches , scales of silvery white colour ,dandruff like flaking .
  • Skin biopsy -small piece of skin is collected and examined under a microscope to rule out other conditions


Conventional treatment are available such as medicated shampoos , coal tar products ,salicylic acid used in prescribed shampoos and soaps , intralesional steroids , or may be some medications given orally 

But in homeopathy psoriasis is well treated and also permanently , it is gentle , safe and permanent .


  • There is a difference between normal dandruff and scalp psoriasis dandruff , so must be carefully removed 
  • Combing and brushing - scalp psoriasis affect the daily activities such as combing and brushing so always comb gently 
  • Clean comb before and after each use to prevent infection .
  • Never peel off or picking the scales because it can aggravate your skin 
  • Keep fingernails clean and short to prevent infection 
  • Take more fluids and prevent dehydration of the skin .
  • Limit consumption of smoking and alcohol
  • Use wet towels , cold packs , or cold water on itchy spots 

Homoeopathic management

But all these treatments temporary and ultimately it suppress the condition but homeopathy can cure the disease from the roots and also remove the symptoms in a gentle manner. That’s why homeopathy treatment is permanent and safe.

Some homeopathy medicines are carcinosin,kali arsenicum ,graphite,mezereum,kali sulphuricum ,arsenic album , sulphur , apis mellifica ,calendula ,

But homeopathy medicine is based on proper case taking so never take medicine without consultation with registered homeopathic practitioner

Do’s and don’ts


  • Use medicated and soft shampoos
  • Use any herbal conditioner because it prevent your scalp from further dryness
  • Wash hair on alternates days 
  • Maintain hygiene of the nails and body 
  • Maintain a healthy diet and weight 
  • Drink lots of water and keep hydrated 
  • Keep combs and hats personally don't share 


  • Avoid shampoos which cause dryness on scalp use medicated amd soft shampoos
  • Avoid using of hair dryer because it make scalp dry 
  • Avoid regular washing of hair 
  • Avoid sharing of cap , hair bands , combs etc 
  • Avoid picking of scalp.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol 
  • Avoid diet which contain fat 


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