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Obesity is the condition of the body in which a person carry the excessive weight or body fat ,it could prove fatal in life .

Obesity is a major issue in the community ,most of the people in the community are prone for obesity .

Obesity not only causes cosmetic problem it also cause harmful effects on other parts of the body

 How to measure the obesity

BMI - BMI stands for basal metabolic index ,it is the method by which the weight is assessed with relative to height .

Through  which doctors decide the weight of the person ,he or she is overweight or underweight.

How to calculate BMI

To calculate BMI weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared or divide weight in pounds by your height in inches squared  and multiplied by 703

Results of BMI

  • Normal range of BMI- normal BMI should in between the range of 18 to 25

  • Underweight - if any person having BMI lower than 18 it means the person weight is less than the normal weight .

  • Overweight -if any person BMI comes more than 25 or come in between 25 to 29 ,it is considered as overweight


    • Family history -it is very important factor which play an important role because the genes which carry from the parents decide how the body fat distributed in body part ,the amount of fat stored in body ,and also decide how to convert food into energy ,all these factors are associated with fat in the body .If any persons having a family history of obesity those persona are more prone for developing obesity .
    • Lack of exercise-who lead very luxurious life and not habitual to do physical exercise ,in such type of person their accumulation of fat is more than the burning of fat lead to gradually accumulation of fat lead to obesity.
    • Unhealthy diet -in this generation many people are dependent for junk food ,processed food ,and food which contain high calories ,diet which is lack of fruits and green vegetables .all these foods lead to obesity.
    • High calorie beverages -there are many drinks which contain high calories such as sugar soft drinks,alcohol .
    • Medical condition-there are various medical conditions which also cause obesity such as arthritis ,in arthritis obesity occurs due to lack of movement,prader willi syndrome ,cushing syndrome ,PCOS,hypothyroidism.
    • Some medications -these are antidepressants drugs ,anti seizure drugs ,diabetic medications ,antipsychotic medications ,steroids,birth control pills and beta blockers 
    • Stress-sometime stress play important role like some people feel better by taking more food during stress.
    • Pregnancy - at the time of pregnancy weight gain is common but some females not able to cope up from this weight after delivery ,this lead to obesity 
    • Lack of sleep- taking proper sleep is very important to maintain a healthy weight but it sleep is not proper is lead to hormonal changes in the body as a result craving for the food is increased .
    • Unhealthy habits -lots of people are habitual to take food or any snacks after some hours or excessively eating .this excessive food habits lead to obesity 
    • Age- obesity can occur in any age but as the age increases the hormonal changes occur in body so it lead to obesity.
    • Attempts of losing weight -some time obesity is triggered by previous effect of losing weight ,in this case weight loss is followed by rapid weight regain.
    • Withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking -in some person obesity occur as a result of withdrawal symptoms of leaving smoking.
    • Sex-womens are more prone tham male for obesity


Obesity leads to various health issues such as

  • Type 2 diabetes is very commin in obese person and central obesity is associated with type 2 diabetes .the risk of diabetes increase with the degree and time .
  • heart disease such as coronary artery disease ,stroke, congestive heart failure,high blood pressure .
  • gallbladder disease such as gallstones  ,fatty liver ,
  • high cholesterol(hypercholesterolemia .
  • Obstructive sleep apnea ,
  • breathing problem 
  • Obesity cause impact on bones it lead to osteoarthritis of the knees,hips and the lower back(degenerative arthritis ).
  • Obesity is one of the major risk factors of various cancers such as cancer of the colon ,cancer of rectum and prostate ,cancer of the gallbladder and uterus in women ,breast cancer closely associated with obesity 
  • Depression,social isolation  also found in obese persson due to cosmetic issue 
  • Sometimes obesity cause infertility and irregular menses and erectile dysfunction in male .



Obesity doesn't cause major symptoms but it may lead to other problems

Some minor symptoms of obesity are

  • Due to overweight person may faces difficulty in walking 
  • Pain -in obese persone pain is closely associated such as pain in joints pain in abdomen ,pain in back 
  • Shortness of breathing may occur 
  • May be deposition of fat occur in particular area morely accumalation occur on belly so belly become more prominent in obese persons 
  • Anxiety may occur more in obese persons 
  • Work achievement level is decrease 
  • Obese person are likely to develop skin rashes ,fungal infections especially in skin folds


  • The exact cause of obesity is not known and obesity is not sudden phenomena ,it develops gradually ,mainly accumulation of fat occurs when the intake of fat is more than the consumption of fat in the body .
  • There are some triggering factor also which play an important role such as genetic ,sedentary lifestyle ,stress and lack of exercise in daily routine 
  • There are some medical conditions also such as hypothyroidism ,PCOS,cushing syndrome lead to obesity 
  • Some medications such as birth control pills ,antidepressants drugs,antipsychotic drugs ,anti seizure drugs,steroids .
  • Age -obesity is more common in older people 



Obesity is diagnosed with BMI  ,if any person having BMI more then 30 then rougly doctor can say you are obese

  • Body fat percentage - it indicate the percentage of fat in body ,if any men more than 25% fat  and women with more than 32 % fat are considered as obese.
  • Waist measurement is also an important factor-initially fat is accumulated around your waist ,so women with a waist measurement of more than 35 inches and male with a waist of more than 40 inches can be considered in obesity . but to confirm the condition doctor may advise further tests such as
  • Blood tests -blood test done to check the cholesterol and glucose level ,liver function test ,thyroid test ,diabetes screen.
  • Heart tests such as an electrocardiogram.
  • Screenings test such as ultrasound and MRI



The first line of treatment for obesity is dietary and behavioral changes this steps is followed by all doctor.

If the obesity is not controlled by this step then anti obesity drugs is given but this drugs is not given for pregnant lady ad who taking medication for chronic illness 

And the third way to control obesity find out the cause such thyroid and PCOS  is common cause obesity find it and treat them  

All these treatments are not safe and effective homeopathy is the safe ,effective and permanent treatment for obesity 

Surgery -some people may go for the surgery to reduce the fat such as bariatric surgery


The main aim of the management in case of obese person is to mainatin the healty weight not so much obese or not so much thin ,so it is ipmortant to mainain the cycle of use and intake of fat in body should be in proper manner

  • Mainly focus on low calorie diet,nutrient dense foods , diet should contain more green vegetable and fruits 
  • Eat more fibrous diet .
  • Avoid saturated fat 
  • Always monitor your high risk vitals such as weight , BP ,sugar level and cholesterol level 
  • Take plenty of fluid ,keep body hydrated 
  • Do regular exercise ,exercise help in burning of fat from your body 
  • Find out the cause such as thyroid and take proper treatment for it .
  • Maintain stress ,do meditation and yoga 
  • Avoid Smoking and alcohol 
  • Avoid taking those things which contain high sugar such as soft drinks,sweets ,candies ,chocolates etc
  • Homeopathy treatment is also a good option in managing obesity. 


Homeopathy medicine are very effective in obesity it also reduces the chances of complications of obesity but only homeopathic medicine is not sufficient along with the homeopathic medicine ,strict diet and exercise will give you the best results.

Homeopathic medicine is given on the basis of the physical,emotional and genetic makeup of the individual persona .

Constitutional  medicine is very effective and helpful 

So never take homeopathic medicine without consultation from the registered medical practitioner. 

Some useful homeopathic medicine are 

Calcarea carb



Natrum mur





  • Take healthy diet ,which is rich in fibrous and low in calories 
  • Do exercise daily 
  • Be strict do your diet 
  • Maintain stress level by doing yoga and meditation 
  • Keep hydrated 
  • Join supprotive company 
  • Always stay happy 
  • Break your meals in 5 times per day


  • Don’t smoke 
  • Limit use of alcohol
  • Avoid fasting 
  • Avoid tight clothing
  • Avoid stress
  • Avoid sugar drinks 
  • Avoid chocolates and candies

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