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Now a days most of the parents are anxious about the immunity of their child as they have recurrent cold, cough, tonsillitis, fever, chest congestion etc. The immune system is much more compromised due to recurrent use of antibiotics. Here are few tips to improve the immunity of your child:

  1. SERVING OF FRUITS AND VEGGIES: fruits and vegetables containing phytonutrients like vitamin c and carotenoids should be added to the diet of the child. Such fruits and vegetables include carrots, green beans, strawberries, oranges, kiwi etc. These phytonutrient rich fruits and veggies boost immunity by increasing white blood cell count in the blood which fight against infection. 4-5 servings of fruits and veggies should be done to a child in one day.

  2. GOOD SLEEP: studies show that good sleep is key to good immune system. A child should get good night sleep as well as nap time in ay as well. Sleep deprivation can compromise the immunity cells thus can lead to recurrent infections.

  3. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: a child should be encouraged to be physically active and should be spending time outdoors more rather than staying at home and spending time on digital gadgets. It should be done as a family thing which means rather than pushing your child outside; join them and play with them or attract them in some basic exercises.

  4. BREAST FEEDING: a mother should always breastfeed her baby at least till 6 months of age as breast milk contains immunity enhancing antibodies and white blood cells which help in development of immunity in the child. Breast milk also prevents the baby against several infections. More so it is observed that children who are breastfed well are more healthier than those who are less breastfed.

  5. PREVENT GERM SPREAD: this although does not boost immunity but prevents your child from falling sick again and again. Teach your child to wash hands frequently with soap especially before meals, after using toilet, after cleaning nose, after playing outside etc. By maintaining hygiene the spread of infection can be stopped.

  6. AVOID EVEN PASSIVE SMOKING: your child should not be exposed to smoke or any other irritant even passively. Passive smoking affects the immune system of the child by killing the immunity cells and exposing the child to infections.

  7. NO ANTIBIOTICS: repeated use of antibiotics to treat infection in the child compromises the immune system more badly and the immune system becomes so weak that it is not able to fight with infections and child ends up having recurrent infection.

  8. HOMEOPATHY: if your child is sick take him/her to a homeopath who would give your child medicines which are sweet, simple and have no side effects. Homeopathic medicines would help building the immune system of your child and would also treat infections without compromising the immune system further. Homeopathy is a safe, gentle and progressive system of medicine for your child.

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