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Urinary tract infection could be very serious issue especially when it is recurrent. Here are few tips to avoid recurrent UTI:

  1. MAINTAIN HYGIENE: It is very important especially in females to maintain optimum genital hygiene. The genitals should be washed and cleaned in from front to back side after passing stool to reduce the chance of dragging E. coli from anal region to urethra.

  2. FREQUENT URINATION: helps to flush out the microbes timely and don’t let them to accumulate in the urethra and thus prevent chances of UTI.

  3. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER: enough water would keep you hydrated and would increase urge to pass urine again and again thus prevent chances of UTI.

  4. DON’T SMOKE: smoking also predisposes to UTI so should be avoided especially during UTI.

  5. AVOID DRINKS THAT IRRITATE BLADDER: such as coffee, alcohol, spicy food items etc.

  6. URINATE BEFORE AND AFTER SEXUAL INTERCOURSE: as this would flush out the microbes which would have entered during intercourse.

  7. MENOPAUSAL WOMEN: are more prone to having UTI due to lack of estrogen.

  8. DON’T DOUCHE: cleaning the genitals with high pressure water beam may also predispose to UTI.

  9. HYGIENE DURING MENSES: change tampons and pads frequently as they help microbes to grow thus causing infection.

  10. WEAR COTTON UNDERGARMENTS: as they don’t irritate the area thus prevent infection.

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