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  • FACT- A counselor is a trained professional who guides a person to cope with the difficulties he is facing in his life. A person can have any sort of issues like anxiety, relationship issues, stress at job, adjusting to any change in life, crisis in life, depression, sadness, mood swings, for motivation, for achieving goals, for making desirable changes in life. The job of the counselor is  listening to the person seeking counselling and guiding him accordingly so that he can get desirable outcomes. So a counselor is not a doctor of mental illnesses but is a guidance professional who help people cope with life situations.

  • MYTH- Seeking help from a counselor means that you are suffering from some mental illness.
  • FACT- Counselling is nothing but conversation between the counselor and the person. Counselling is a process in which a counselor after listening thoroughly to the concerns and worries of the person; helps him to explore the situation and to identify the ways to cope with the situation so that he can improve the situation.

  • MYTH- Counselling is useless as it can’t help anyone.
  • FACT- Role of a counselor is to guide the person and make the person explore the situation well. A counselor always listens to the person carefully and without being judgemental. The person definitely feels better after venting his stress out by talking to the counselor without any hesitation.

  • MYTH- People seeking counselling are weak and lack intelligence.
  • FACT- Going through the phases of life anyone can feel stressed and difficulty in coping with the situation. Even a super intelligent person may feel stressed and lack of capability to cope with some situation and may feel stressed. Anyone at any point of life may need someone who can listen to them without being judgemental and guide them accordingly.

  • MYTH- Counselling is ineffective in treatment of mental illnesses.
  • FACT- Counselling definitely helps in treatment of any mental illness as talking to the person understanding him is always going to help the person to analyse his situation and act better.

  • MYTH- What an outsider can do to help me in my situation.
  • FACT- Being an outsider a counselor would never judge you and would just show you light so that you can understand the situation and can get the required outcome.

  • MYTH- Counselling is just meant for abnormal life situations.
  • FACT- Counselling not only helps the person in crisis situation but counselling is also helpful in positive situations as well like for motivation, behavioural changes, adjustment to a new place, achieving some goals etc.

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