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Early signs of mental health problems are:

  1. Eating habits- eating too much or too little.
  2. Sleep- sleeping too much or too little.
  3. Energy- feeling lack of energy or no energy due to which there is no desire to do anything.
  4. Seclusion- pulling apart from people, avoiding company, desire to stay alone, no interest in meeting anyone.
  5. Smoking, drinking or drug usage more than normal limits.
  6. Numbness- feeling numb as if nothing matters and not giving reactions or always on edge, overreacting on small things.
  7. Feeling helpless.
  8. Feeling hopeless and despair.
  9. Confusion of mind causing difficulty in taking decisions even in normal life situations.
  10. Forgetful and slow in recollecting things.
  11. Upset on small things with mood changes which are very sudden.
  12. No sense of happiness about anything.
  13. Worried about everything and staying stressed and anxious all the time.
  14. Fighting with people around and shouting is the expression of anger.
  15. Relationship issues- difficulty in maintaining and sustaining any relationship.
  16. Fear of many things how so ever small they could be.
  17. Crowding of thoughts- mind always filled with thoughts which are hard to get rid off even after hard attempts.
  18. Delusions about things and believing in things which are not real.
  19. Self-harm or inflicting harm to others.
  20. Inability to cope with normal life situations and to keep pace with life.

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