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1. WEAR MASK: whenever you are in public or visiting hospitals then wear a mask covering your nose and mouth properly. The molds of fungus are live in the environment and on objects as well. The most likely spread of the fungus is by inhalation. The mask would act as a barrier and prevent inhalation.

2. KEEP HANDS CLEAN: Sanitize or wash your hands properly at regular intervals and never touch your face with your hands without cleaning them properly. Don't eat anything without washing your hands.

3. MAINTAIN ORAL HYGIENE: Oral hygiene is very important as after covid (because of infection, medicines, and steroids) immunity is very low and compromised, giving bacterias and fungus a chance to grow and thrive in the mouth. Thus brush two to three times a day to keep the teeth clean. After eating rinse your mouth with lukewarm saltwater. Cleaning of the tongue is also important along with the sides of the cheeks. 

4. CHANGE YOUR TOOTHBRUSH AND TONGUE CLEANER: Toothbrush and tongue cleaners are harbors for bacterias and fungus. Change your toothbrush and tongue cleaner post recovery from covid. Don't continue to use the same toothbrush after recovering from covid.

5. CONTROL DIABETES: If you have uncontrolled diabetes then it predisposes you more to catch the fungus and high glucose levels in the body would promote fungus growth. So if you have diabetes try to keep it under check with diet and exercise.

6. GOOD IMMUNITY: Immunity has a vital role in preventing us from several diseases. Post covid immunity is obviously compromised. So keep immunity boosted up by good diet, rest, exercising well. Stay positive and don't take the stress. 

7. MAINTAIN PERSONAL HYGIENE: Take a bath every day, clip short your nails, change your clothes and undergarments every day and clean the environment around you clean. Keep good ventilation in the room.

8. SEE THE SUN: Sun is a natural disinfectant and gives us vitamin d which boosts immunity. Dry your clothes, carpets, etc in the sun for 3-4 hours to ensure disinfection. Also, the sun would boost your immunity.

9. ENSURE GOOD NUTRITION: Good diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and good fat would help in healing faster and would also boost your immunity. Add colors to your diet and try to eat a balanced diet.

10. GOOD SLEEP: Timely good sleep (7-8 hours) is key to keep the body healthy. A well-rested body heals faster and also maintains good immunity. So early to bed and early to rise is a good quote to follow.

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