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Various people have various views about homeopathy but its very important to understand about homeopathy. And more important is to know what homeopathy is not as misguidance and wrong perception is not good.

  • Homeopathy is not a bogus pathy: various people have various views about homeopathy. Some appreciate it but some make fun of it by calling it a bogus. But homeopathy is a science which has logical explanation to everything and is based on certain laws. Homeopathy is scientifically proven method of healing. Various researches has been done which are enough to prove the authenticity of the system.
  • Homeopathy in not slow in action: people think that homeopathic medicines act very slowly and takes long time to act. But people usually choose homeopathy for treatment of chronic/ old diseases which are running into the patient since months and years and they expect their disease to be cured in sometime only. A disease which has ruined the body of the person for many months or even years can’t be turned back to normal physiology within days. On the other hand if the person is suffering from any acute illness then the medicine would act acutely only and would show action within minutes. So the duration of action depends on the duration of disease.
  • Homeopathy is not a miraculous pathy: people think that homeopathy can cure any disease but like every other system we have our own limitations. We can’t cure cases in which pathology or destruction in the body has advanced to the irreversible level.
  • Homeopathy is not placebo effect: homeopathy has always been criticised for being based on placebo effect. Its not true as psychological effect can’t cure diseases.
  • Homeopathy should not be taken in emergency cases: homeopathy can’t be given in cases which require urgent intervention.
  • Homeopathy is not against surgery: homeopathy is not against surgery as we do ask the patient for surgery where is it required and is a necessity. We cant replace the importance of surgery with the medicines. Cases requiring surgeries are always referred to a surgeon but unnecessary surgery can be avoided by medicines where the case can be treated with medicines.
  • Homeopathy is not against allopathy: its not true. Like every other system we have our own scopes and limitations and would never ruin the case with the stubbornness. The cases which are treatable with homeopathic medicines are taken and not every case (incurable and those requiring allopathy).
  • Homeopathy gives importance to diagnosis: diagnosis is an important part of treatment as a good doctor would always keep the condition in mind and then would give the treatment. Diagnosis helps in adopting the plan of treatment so that the cases requiring emergency steps are not delayed in terms of intervention.
  • Homeopathic medicines are not based on just the personality and mind symptoms: but the total symptoms are collected during the case taking and then medicine is given. Even the pathology is also considered.

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