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PCOS is amongst the most common endocrine disorder encountered in 26% of reproductive age female population.

Clinical Features-

# Menstrual disorder- amenorrhoea, oligomenorrhea, prolonged erratic menstrual bleeding.

# Hirsutism

# Acne

# Anovulatory infertility


Homeopathy is very effective in treatment of PCOS as it helps in getting regular ovulatory menstrual cycles without any hormone being given.

It helps to get rid of facial hair and treats infertility as well.

  • NO HORMONES: Homeopathic medicines are prepared from various sources like plants, animals, minerals, energy source and there is no place for hormones. Oral contraceptive pills contain hormones which are given to regularize the cycles which although regularize the menses till the time you take them and artificial hormones have side-effects also. So homeopathy is a natural way to heal PCOD.
  • NO GLYCOMET: Glycomet is given in cases where there is insulin resistance along with PCOD. Although in homeopathy single best similar medicine is chosen which would cure the patient completely and permanently.
  • PERMANENT CURE: Homeopathic medicines always give permanent treatment to the patient. Once the treatment is complete the disease doesn’t recur and the menses get regular and all other symptoms of PCOD also disappear.
  • NO SIDE-EFFECTS: Homeopathic medicines are natural and don’t have side-effects. Since the dose is minimum and single medicine is given it sensitize the body just enough to cure the disease and leave no side-effect.
  • NATURAL REGULARIZATION OF CYCLES: Homeopathic medicines help the body to act over the disease. It is the body which take the charge after administration of the homeopathic medicine and heal itself. Thus the cycles become regular permanently in a natural way.

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