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  • AVOID SURGERY: Homeopathic medicines are very effective in treatment of renal stones. They help to flush the stone out of the urinary tract and help the patient to fight with the pain during the process. Thus with homeopathy patient can avoid being operated for removal of stones which is otherwise also not good for people with tendency for recurrent stones.
  • AVOID RECURRENCE: Homeopathy can also help the patient to get rid of the tendency to have stones again and again. Thus the patient can be helped from pain and trauma to the urinary tract again and again. Medicine Calcarea renalis is very helpful to remove the tendency for recurrent renal stones.
  • GET RID OF ASSOCIATIVE SYMPTOMS: The associated symptoms of renal stones like pain, recurrent UTI, trauma to the urinary tract are very debilitating to the patient. Thus with the medicines the patient can lead a near normal life with the stone till it is flushed out of the system.
  • KEEP YOUR URINARY TRACT HEALTHY: Homeopathic medicines would help and keep the urinary tract healthy as stone causes trauma to the tract while passing through it and also expose the tract to infection which can cause frequent urination and burning urination also. Thus medicines would help in treating them also.
  • SIMPLE MEDICINES: Simple constitutional medicine is given to the patient depending on the symptoms of the patient. Thus no complicated treatment for stones is given with simple medicines which help treat the stones.

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