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10 tips to boost immunity in covid

The immune system acts as the defense system of our body. Immunity plays a vital role in protecting us from various infections. The immune system comprises two components- one is innate immunity you are born with and the other is an adaptive immune system that is built when there is exposure to microbes and can be boosted by living a healthy lifestyle. In covid times it is very important to have a good immunity so that even if you get infected with covid you can fight with it well.

Here are 10 tips to boost up your immunity:
1. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Maintaining a healthy and routine lifestyle would keep your immunity on track. Good immunity comes from following a good lifestyle which includes maintaining your optimum weight, no smoking, limited alcohol consumption, a healthy diet, regular mild exercises, yoga, and meditation.
2. USE HEALTHY FOOD INGREDIENTS TO BOOST IMMUNITY: A healthy diet is key to have a healthy body and good immunity. A healthy diet contains all the necessary nutrients like vitamin c, zinc, iron, antioxidants, etc. One should take a balanced diet to get all the necessary ingredients required to build good immunity. Take fresh fruits and vegetables over artificial items.
3. GOOD SLEEP: A good 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for everyone to be healthy. Sleep should be uninterrupted so that you get up fresh. The human body heals while sleeping so proper rest is very important to do wear and tear in the body. If sleep is not adequate or people who stay up till late and get up late end up having fatigue and health is compromised in them.
4. SEE THE SUN: Vitamin D also known as sunshine hormone helps in building immunity. Vitamin D is found in very fewer quantities in food items so go out in the sun (early morning sun would be good) as sun rays would covert inactive form of vitamin D absorbed and stored in the body is converted into the active form. Vitamin D is also associated with other components of the body like skin, hair, and mood. Nowadays almost everyone is having a deficiency of vitamin D so supplementation is also necessary.
5. FRESH FOOD ITEMS OVER PACKED ONES: Packaged food contains artificial colors and preservatives which are not good for the body and also have side-effects as well. So replace them with fresh food items as they are more filled with nutrients and helps to boost immunity. 
6. STAY ACTIVE: A mild exercise routine is enough to have a good lifestyle. Working out in any form (walk, jog, jump, play any sport, any workout) helps you. Do it for 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. Just be active and avoid being sedentary. Metabolism is boosted up by an active lifestyle which in turn takes care of the immunity.
7. BE POSITIVE: A positive attitude towards life is a must to stay happy. Be grateful and show gratitude for what you have in your life. Try to pick up positive things from whatever bad is happening around you. Try to boost the mood of the people around you. Spread the smile and avoid arguments with people over unnecessary things. A positive mindset and grateful attitude help in keeping you healthy thus boosting immunity.
8. MAINTAINING GOOD PERSONAL HYGIENE: Maintaining good personal hygiene is recommended to prevent us from catching infections. Washing hands regularly is a must and number one recommendation to maintain hygiene. You should wash your hand after using the washroom, before eating, before cooking, etc. Wash your hands for 20 seconds. If you are sick don't shake hands with other people. After coughing, sneezing sanitize, or wash your hands.
9. STAY HYDRATED: Drink enough water and fill your days with more stuff like fresh juices, lime water, coconut water, etc. Dehydration causes the accumulation of toxins in the body which can compromise immunity. So drink enough water to keep the kidneys at work throughout the day.
10. SUPPLEMENT YOURSELF: Every other person suffers from nutritional deficiency nowadays and body cells require them to work well. So take the required supplements as per your doctor's recommendation. Always get yourself checked first before consuming anything on your own.  Take supplements if you have a deficiency as an excess of anything is also bad. 

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