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  • ACCEPT: We need to accept the situation first to come out of depression. We are depressed when condition is not favorable to us and feel helpless. Once we gain strength to accept the situation we would not feel the burden of being helpless. Hence we can think logically to come out of depression and would not waste our precious life sitting depressed.
  • EXERCISE: Regular exercise and routine would release the physical tension. Exercise also decreases the levels of stress hormones (cortisol, adrenaline) which would help your mood to stay good and would not trigger anxiety and depression.
  • ADEQUATE SLEEP: Adequate amount of sleep would help keeping stress hormone levels on lower side and would help feel body; less tensed.
  • SPEAK UP: Sharing our pain is most important as it makes us feel light. Staying reserved is not a good option. We should reach to someone who can help us- friends, family, counsellor. Whenever we have thoughts which start to overpower our sane mind; we should talk to someone.
  • DISTRACT: Distraction of mind is important as it would help us get over depression. We should go out, travel, listen to music, watch something, talk to someone, join any work, help someone needy, read books etc which would help.
  • REGULAR MEALS: Regular healthy meals would help us stay healthy. We should eat regular meals, we should never skip meals. We should eat chocolates, and should not do binge eating.
  • MEDITATION/ YOGA: Meditation/ yoga would relax our body both physically and mentally. So we should start doing it on regular basis.
  • DON’T STAY ALONE: we should not stay alone especially during the phase of depression. Staying alone would make the situation much worse. We should try to be with our family and friends. Share your feelings with someone, it would help.
  • COUNSELING: we should never hesitate to go to a counsellor. There is no harm in taking counseling as it would just help you express yourself.
  • KNOW TRIGGERS: we should try to know the triggers that change our mood and make us feel depressed. We should try to avoid them and seek help when exposed to them as soon as possible. 
  • APPRECIATE YOURSELF: Appreciating yourself is very important. Doing this would help you feel positive and confident. Love yourself.
  • SELF HELP BOOK: Reading self help books, motivational books can help us feel positive and would inspire us to be happy.
  • HOMEOPATHY: From homeopathic point of view one must try homeopathy along with other measures as there are many wonderful medicines which when prescribed correctly can work like miracle. Medicines are given on the basis of personality and symptoms of the patient. For example-

    Pulsatilla is a medicine which is given to a person who   

    is weepy all the time, loves consolation, changeable

    moods especially during menses etc. On the other

    hand Natrum mur is given to a reserved person who

    would not share his feelings, would stay alone, would

    not weep especially in front of people, don’t like

    consolation etc.

Other medicines for depression which have tendency for suicide are Aurum met, Nux vomica, Lycopodium, Alumina etc.

Medicines with fears include Hyoscyamus, Rhus tox, bryonia, aconite, lachesis, belledona, stamonium etc.

Thus by thorough case taking we can judge and select the best suitable medicine for the patient and help him fight his depression.

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