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Mollascum contagiosum treatment using homeopathy!

Mollascum contagiosum is a viral infection caused by mallascum contagiosum virus characterized by presentation of small, pink, water filled, pink lesions with a dimple at the centre with occasional itch or sore and may be present singly or in groups.
The disease is self-limiting though take years sometimes to get resolved.
The condition is contagious and may spread through direct contact or via contaminated objects and lesion may spread to other areas of the body parts by touching the parts after scratching the lesion.
Though it is a self limiting disease, cryotherapy is advised but it is not an ideal way.

Homoeopathy can remove the lesions early and can help overcome the associated symptoms like itching, soreness and pain.
Few medicines for mollascums are- merc sol, thuja, graphites, sulphur, nitric acid.
But medicines should always be taken under guidance of qualified homoeopath as self medication may complicate the disease and make it worse.

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