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Homeopathic treatment options in Vasant Vihar!

There are many homeopathic doctors in South Delhi, anyone from Vasant Vihar can go visit these doctors. Dr Jyoti Singh, Tamaria Clinic is a good option for Vasant Vihar residents. Vasant Vihar is mostly populated by diplomats from different countries, because it is located near diplomatic area of chanakyapuri.  Lot of these diplomats visit Tamaria Clinic for homeopathic treatment.

Shimon Barak an Israeli diplomat says “I came to India to study the finance technology market of India in 2016 and was staying in Vasant Vihar in a rented apartment. In the first month of my stay I tried many different food restaurants around my place. Indian food is generally very spicy so after few days I had gastric problem. For few months I tried many medicines but the issue used to resurface again and again. I thought about trying Homeopathic treatment for gastric problem, so searched on internet and found Tamaria Clinic, near to Vasant vihar and almost walking distance from my location. Tamaria Clinic had lot of good reviews and Dr Jyoti Singh is highly rated by her patients. I decided to visit her once to understand if homeopathy can cure my problem. When I went for first time, Dr Jyoti Singh took my case for almost 2 hours. I asked her if she generally devotes so much time on each patient or it’s me only. She told me that it depends on patient to patient, as I am new to India so she wanted to understand in depth about my personality type so that she can give me right dose of homeopathic medicine to treat my gastric issue. I really liked her passion for homeopathy and dedication to her profession. After taking her medicine for 1 week my gastric problem was under control and i again started trying different Indian dishes.”

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