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Herpes zoster also known as shingles is an infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus which produces painful rash. Varicella-zoster virus also causes chickenpox. Once you are infected with the virus it remains dormant in the body near the spinal cord and brain and may reactivate anytime in life and produce shingles. Shingles is a very painful condition.

LOCATION: although shingles may appear anywhere in the body but they usually appear as a single line of blisters either on the left or right side of the trunk of the body.


  • Weak immune system:certain diseases which weaken the immune system (HIV/AIDS, cancer)  make you more prone to develop shingles.

  • Being 60 or older: shingles is seen in older people more

  • Cancer treatment: compromises the immune system thus predispose to development of shingles

  • Steroids: also increase the risk of development of shingles


Common complication of herpes zoster is infections with acute pain.

  • Postherpetic neuralgia:- is a condition commonly seen as a complication of shingles. The blisters get cleared but the pain continues long after the blisters have healed.
  • Vision loss:- if herpes developes around the eys then it causes painful infection developes which can affect the vision.
  • Skin infection:- the blisters should be treated properly
  • Neurological problem:- herpes zoster can cause an inflammation of the brain, facial paralysis, or hearing or balance problems.



  • The first symptom of shingles is localized pricking, burning pain with itching which developes days before appearance of the rash.
  • After few days fluid filled red blisters appear on the site of pain as a stripe of blisters on either side of the body.
  • The typical feature of the rash is that it would not cross the midline of the body and would stay on one side only
  • The blisters may burst and crust forms at the site.
  • There is sensitivity to touch.
  • In few cases the pain and rashes can be accompanied by fever, headache and fatigue.
  • There could be sensitivity to light if the rash is near eye.

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Jyoti Singh

Dr. Jyoti Singh

Dr Jyoti is Homeopath in Saket. She graduated from Asia no. 1 college Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and chose counseling psychology as her stream for masters. She take her work as meditation. In order to give the patient true sense of cure she love to be with patients for ample time so that she can be in their shoes to understand their true state, which helps her to cure the patient.

Deepa Khatri

Dr. Deepa Khatri

Dr Deepa Khatri completed her BHMS from Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and did post graduation in Clinical Psychology. She is one of the best homeopath in Delhi based out of Saket. She is also Skilled in person-centered Therapy, Interventions, and Mental Health Counseling for Teenagers, Adults, and Couples. Helped thousands of people in India and Abroad via Online and Face to Face counselling Sessions.

Sumit Munakhia

Dr. Sumit Munakhia

Dr Sumit Munakhia Graduated in homeopathy from Delhi University. He is a board certified licensed homeopath. Presently he is practicing in South Delhi, Saket since 10+ years. He is registered as a medical practioner with Delhi homeopathic board and central council of homeopathy, Govt. of India. He is also DNHE which is a diploma in dietetics & nutrition. He got interested in homeopathy and chose it as his life journey after reading books by Dr. George Vithoulkas who is revered by physicians all around the world. Since 2004 he has been extensively studying medicine and has an excellent academic record.

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